BackTrack Video, Inc. received funding in October of 2019 and began executing on our vision and idea that had a promising future.

Unfortunately, within a few months of getting our feet on the ground, the unprecedented, unscientifc and absolutely tyrannical act of "medical lockdowns" was upon us.

Unscientfic and destructive acts by the medical industry, the federal government, agencies like CDC and WHO, and countless local and state bureaucrats created an environment that allowed a few businesses in specific industries to thrive while strangling the potential for life from a much larger number. PPP money never equated to the real loss of incomes and opportunity costs, either.

To this day, in early 2023, the traffic and traffic patterns that the BackTrack Video model relied upon are minimized or non-existent. They were destroyed by completely unscientific dictates and fear. The unscientific lockdowns had such a destructive psychological aspect on a major portion of the population, that they quit driving - and living at all, in so many cases - for approximately 1 year. The entire BTV model was based upon steady flows of traffic that would match and rise similarly to the past 50 years of data. There is a strong argument to be made that it would have been the case, barring unscientific and destructive lockdowns that we are all still paying for.

When government and large corporations collude to prevent natural rights of their people and their livelihoods under the guise of "safety", an artificial, unstable and unpredicted environment comes into being by "diktat".

It is extremely destructive.

For a business environment tuned to success for as many as possible, the exact opposite was required: Natural, stable, and predictable environments.

NO disease or government can dictate that these qualities are required to be flipped 180 degrees in order to achieve desirable outcomes.

In closing, we wish BackTrack Video had received a "better shake" on timing. We appreciate all the help, encouragement, contacts and direction we received and send the best to all.

~BTV Team