Services – Law Enforcement

BackTrack Video is your partner in safety.

BackTrack Video gives back to the community by working with law enforcement to solve crimes.  Law enforcement agencies are welcome to contact BackTrack Video to access any of our network of cameras.

Here is what we offer to Law Enforcement Agencies:

  • Provide updated and accurate maps and lists of street intersections monitored by BackTrack Video’s traffic accident cameras.
  • Accept verbal and electronic requests for review/capture/delivery of traffic camera footage from authorized personnel.
  • Search for accident/incident footage within BackTrack Video’s network of traffic accident cameras.
  • Report of success or failure of incidence capture to requesting personnel. Upon successful capture, BackTrack Video will provide video footage (.mp4 format) of incident via email or other electronic means including watermarked time, date, and location metadata.
  • Storage of delivered video footage for up to 1 year from date of capture.
  • Annual report of usage statistics including, but not limited to, number of requests and number of incident videos delivered.
  • Work as liaison with businesses to place cameras at locations that support the law enforcement agency’s mission.

If you are a law enforcement agency interested in working with BackTrack Video, please contact us during normal business hours (M-F 8:00AM-5:00PM, CST):