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BackTrack Video is your Silent Witness.

The benefit of video evidence in traffic accident cases cannot be overstated.  Special Investigation Unit Assist (SIU Assist) is your advantage in case review, arbitration, and litigation.  Create an SIU Assist account free for 30-days.  Preview all BackTrack Video's evidence before you decide to take the case.  If the video is of value to your arbitration, purchase the “Video Only” and download immediately.  For litigation, the “Video + Documents” option will provide you with Certification of Electronic Records under Federal Rules of Evidence 902 (13).  You can be assured that our process of capturing, categorizing, storing, displaying, and delivering the video evidence to you is the foundation of our business.  Our process is your advantage.



BackTrack Video provides you access to preview traffic accidents.  Search by time, date, location, and accident identification number.  Simply click on the video to preview the traffic accident footage and decide if it is of value to your case.  The account is free for 30-days and you can preview as many accidents as you wish.  At the end of the free trial your account will be charged $29 per month, and you may cancel at any time.  Sign up for SIU Assist account today.



To purchase a traffic accident video for your use in arbitration, insurance claims adjustment or investigation, simply select "Video Only," Add to Cart and purchase to download the traffic accident video immediately.  Watermarks will be removed from video for your usage.



To use BackTrack Video accident footage as evidence in court, purchase the "Video + Documents" option.  After purchase, you will be able to download the accident footage immediately for use in pre-trial activities.  BackTrack Video will then deliver to you our Silent Witness Package including an original .mp4 video file on CD, notarized Certification of Electronic Records Under FRE 902(13) documentation, sealed evidence bag and chain of custody tag.  Everything you need to admit BackTrack Video accident footage as evidence in a court of law.  Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery of video evidence and documentation.

BackTrack Video Guarantee

If BackTrack Video evidence is deemed not admissible in a court of law you may receive a refund equal to the amount of your purchase.  (Contact Us)