How do I Preview videos?

Video Previews are only available if you've paid and registered for an SIU Assist account.  An image of the incident is provided free.

How do I Purchase videos on the product page?

In order to Purchase a video, you need to choose a "Documentation" option below the video image or Preview: Video Only or Video + Documents.  Once you have selected your option, Add to Cart will become available for that video.  To see what you receive with each option, please view Our Services - Attorneys page.  Most individuals will want to choose Video Only, unless documentation is needed for a Court Case.

If I purchased a video, where do I find it?

You can find the Download link available in "Your BackTrack Video Connect order is now complete" email; it will end with .AVI in the file name.  Alternatively, you can go to:

  • "Video Purchase Dashboard" in the Nav Bar/Menu
  • Log in
  • Go to "Downloads" in the left pane
  • The Download should be listed in the center of the screen
  • The link should also be available in the "Orders" section

If you purchased a video as a Guest, you create an SIU Assist account and then purchase another video, you may need your initial order linked to your account by BackTrack Video.

If cannot find your Download, please Contact Us.

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