About BackTrack Video, Inc.

BackTrackVideo.net is a web platform to connect buyers to videos related to accidents, incidents and crime.

In mid-October 2018, there was a high profile kidnapping in northern Wisconsin. Our team had been discussing a project 6-12 months earlier that involved using a series of community cameras online. Our team already had 25-plus years in the camera business and an overall combined professional experience of over 70 years. Utilizing the camera systems that everyone already owns (business security, home security, mobile, dash cameras and more), we bring together converging technologies to connect those in need of videos with those that may have them.

The story of the above kidnapping was the generator that motivated us to form BackTrackVideo.net, the website you use today.



To bring safety and justice to each community, provide fair opportunity to those who need access to proof while recognizing the real value of those who have invested in capturing video and offering an easy, reliable and safe platform to exchange information.