BackTrack Video is dedicated to providing transparency and proof for traffic accident victims, and the insurance and legal professionals that serve them.  It is our mission to help our community and law enforcement agencies that protect us.

BackTrack Video provides an eye on our community that no other private entity can.  We are the silent witness that never sleeps and will prove the innocence of victims affected by dangerous, negligent driving behavior.  BackTrack Video delivers justice.


In mid-October 2018, there was a high-profile kidnapping in northern Wisconsin. Our team had been discussing a project 6-12 months earlier that involved using a series of community cameras online.  In addition, our team already had 25-plus years in the camera business and an overall combined professional experience of over 70 years.  Utilizing the camera systems that everyone already owns (business security, home security, mobile, dash cameras and more), we bring together converging technologies to connect those in need of videos with those that may have them.


The story of the above kidnapping was the generator that motivated us to form, the website you use today.   Funding by The Idea Fund created the opportunity to create the largest network of private traffic cameras in Wisconsin.  Located on the highest accident intersections of Milwaukee County, BTV cameras see over 1.3 million vehicles per day.  Through our developing AI software and professional monitoring of traffic accidents throughout our network, we have been able to develop the large database of accident videos that you use today and proven our concept valuable to insurance and legal professionals.  As part of our mission, we have been instrumental in assisting law enforcement agencies help detect and solve criminal incidents within our community.


BackTrack Video is solving problems and implementing novel AI camera solutions combined with automation.

As we continue to build our proprietary camera network, we will continue implementing AI solutions that allow BackTrack Video to do everything from video accident-recognition, to automated aggregation and sorting, to direct solicitations of relevant customers.  Moving forward, BackTrack's vision includes custom, anomaly-based AI for accident identification and rules-based AI for processing and direct customer alerts and contacts.